Thursday 17 April 2014

Amazing, they are on time!

Luckily I walked the dog first thing in the morning while the streets still were kind of dry. By nine it started with ice pellets, going over to snow. Lots of it.
It looked more like November than the middle of April. 
Snowing heavily
in the morning of April 16
By the middle of afternoon the sun was out again and the whole thing seemed 
like a bad dream, all snow disappeared. 
Would it not have been for the bitter cold wind the walk could have been downright nice. 
~ ~ ~
Today the sun was shining, but it was freezing cold. 
The temperature didn't come up more than 3°C (37F) and 
with the windchill it was even lower. 
While walking the girls I saw this frozen puddle.
Isn't it amazing how pretty it looks? The art of nature.
Walking by the old apple tree - couldn't believe it!

Despite the cold weather, look who is on time! 
April 17, 2014
The harsh winter didn't slow them down at all - here they are!My crocus!
Just a few days ago I checked when I had taken a photo of them last time,

 it was on April 18 last year.
I said jokingly: "They have to hurry up,

there are only a few more days left to reach that goal"!
And - today it is the April 17.

They made it!

Happy Easter to all of you!
If you don't celebrate:
Have a very nice week-end!
April 18, 2013
~ ~ ~

Apropos, since I don't have a "reply" possibility on my comment pages:
I'll try to do it this way.
I have used plastic spoons as marker for 3 years now. It is cheap and works pretty well. The only thing is you need a very good permanent marker, otherwise the writing is gone after the winter and you have to guess what was planted. Wooden spoons would work too, would look maybe better. I have to scour the flea markets or look on garage sales.
Nan Tally:
And - yes, the fit took about three minutes here too! :)) But she doesn't do it when Molly is around. Maybe she thinks acting funny then makes her loose "face"? It is certainly funny to watch our furry friends.


  1. That is amazing that they are on time with all this cold weather.

  2. Your Crocus are gorgeous - I've never planted them, but maybe in the future...

    That frozen puddle almost looks like it has a large spider web on it - very pretty.

    Happy Easter to you, too! I won't be with family this year, but I'll talk to them and enjoy hearing about their Easter activities on the phone. :)

  3. Love the blooming crocus photos! That's funny yours are blooming and mine aren't being that you're further north than us. Happy Easter & have a great weekend!!
    Connie in PA

  4. I love the spring flowers and especially the crocus. I planted daffodils at our cabin but this year I won't be seeing them. However, our daughter sent us pictures.


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