Monday, 14 April 2014

Still not much sign of spring

Sunday and Monday I awoke to rain and fog. It was 8°C (46F) and pretty damp.
The garden has stopped it's attempt to produce leafs and flowers.
A fellow church member experienced when she tried to put a trowel
into the ground the other day that the tool broke - the soil is
still pretty much frozen. UGH!

Our visitor seems to be saying: "You are kidding! 
Who wants to go for a walk in that kind of weather?"

Consequently, dog-walking was cut in two portions, 
because Gracie decided she didn't like the weather. 
She was just out on the lawn and back into the house in a jiffy. 
Even though she has a cute coat to cover her.
Now they are both asleep while I am writing my posting.
I rather show you how it looked like on Saturday.
That was more to our liking, sunny and mild.
We walked down to the summer ferry landing to see 
wether the winter storms had done any mayor damage. 
Besides of an old barn, that
is sagging more and more with every year,
the mess was more in the normal range.
I like to look over the water towards Eastport, ME.
 I found a convenient fence post for the camera
to take a "selfie" with the dogs.
After the walk we enjoyed the sunshine in 
a corner by the house.


  1. at least you had a bit of nice weather, it should come back soon!

  2. Love those "selfies." I hope your weather warms up soon. Arizona is super hot now, though, so you are probably more comfortable and cozy at home. :)

  3. Hopefully, soon, it will warm up and you will be posting photos of spring flowers.


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