Tuesday, 15 April 2014

News from Peter and a Gracie's funny antics

Hubby called from Calgary. 
He was upset because he has run into several problems. 
A rental truck that was to dangerous to tow with, 
another one that could not tow, 
and a new phone that was hard to get to work. 

Be patient, I guess he will write a long posting as soon as he is able to.

I have to bore you with more photos of our guest. 
Gracie is so sweet.
First I took her for a walk, this time in her pink dress. A nasty, cold wind was blowing and I thought it prudent to keep her warm. 
There is so little fur on her!
Back at home, out of the cold, she suddenly was hit by a fit. 
She started to race around like mad for few minutes. 
I had to laugh, it was so very funny! 
Our Molly is never playful, always the "lady". 
While Gracie had her playful moment Molly was outside in the yard, oblivious to the world, watching the squirrels.
Later when I closed up the garage for the night both ladies were watching me through the screen door. 


  1. When we had our sticks and bricks, Oliver and Olivia would race around the house like Gracie. Now, they run from the front of the motorhome to the bedroom, jump on the bed running to the end, off the bed and back to the front. This goes on for about 3 minutes or until I can't take it any longer. Fur kids are so funny.

  2. I never tire of animal photos, and Gracie is so cute!! Katie does the same thing after she gets a bath. Races around the house like mad, having a blast. Of course - now she doesn't have much room to race in. That's why I enjoyed her runrunrun the other day at Riverside Campground with the ladies. :)


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