Saturday, 19 April 2014

Saturday mornings posting

 As I am not an "early bird" my contribution 
to the amount of sunrise photos is sparse. 
Sometimes I think about driving out to the light house 
before dawn and take some great shots. 
But when the descicion has to be made whether or not 
to get up in time, there I fail.
I see the merit in all you being "fulltimers". 
The ability to park your RV where you can see the sunrise 
and just open the blinds.....:)))
Today I shot one - through a layer of two old-fashioned window panes. Laugh! 
It looked good and I thought there would be a chance of a sunny day - alas no. Half an hour later it looked rather bleak.
I am running thin of patience for warm spring weather 
and cannot even imagine what all the others must feel, 
the ones who stayed here all winter long!
Friday was actually not too bad until late afternoon.
I baked some chocolate cookies to go with the afternoon cup of coffee. 
We had some sunshine, but a biting cold wind from the north-east 
kept us huddled up for a while... a warm corner by the kitchen entrance.

Molly was more interested to stalk a squirrel that was
sitting under the bird feeder. 
  Restrained on a long leash she was unable to reach it.
When the sun disappeared behind a cloudy sky
Gracie and I retreat into the warmth of the house. 
Molly returned to her new favourite spot watching 
and waiting for things to happen.

Sorry, I forgot to check the "comments awaiting moderation". 
Therefore it took a while, but now they should be visible under the last posting.

Maybe my crocus know more than we do?

Do crocus grow in that warm climate? And yes, the frozen puddle reminded me of a spider web too.

HA, maybe my variety of crocus are special hardy Canadian ones! :)
They don't bother with the cold. Like the Islanders. I observe they already walking around in tank tops
and capri trousers, while I am still wearing long johns, fur hat and mittens!  :))

I planted daffodils as well, but I guess they will not be out until late May in this kind of
cold weather. But you never know, the squirrels might have eaten the bulbs.

UGH! That sounds not good. "Snow around for another week". I remember that kind of long winters from the time we used to live in Cold Lake, Alberta.
Spring would first arrive in the end of June! But then with great force, within a week we had summer!
I hope you don't have to wait that long!

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  1. It will soon warm up.
    I set up blogger to email me all my comments and the ones that need to be moderated, so don't need to check back.


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