Friday 25 July 2014

Sweet summer time

Sweet summer time. Spring and summer are my favourite
times of the year.
I just love being out and around in my garden as soon as I
get a chance.
Between working at the Motel and occasional guiding tours I
try to keep up with the weeds.
Garden in early June
And now in July!

My vegetable garden is producing good and I even have enough 
to share lettuce and peas with friends. This year I tried something new. 
Squash and peppers, and now: the first squash is ripening! 
So exciting.
The bell peppers are a disappointment though. I was so proud to
see at least one fruit the other day.
But next time I checked, it was gone! Some critter must have
a taste for bell pepper. Too bad.

My flower bed along the front porch is now 4 years old and
really filling out.
Four years ago
And now in July 2014! Yeah!
Sometimes I think I should have become a gardener or landscape architect. I find it always so rewarding to see the changes one can make around a house.

Today I went with friends to an "all-song" evening at

Summer guests who know to play an instrument came up and performed while others enjoyed and sung along.
The place was packed and we all had a good time!

Tomorrow it is back to work again.
And the coming weekend will be very busy too. We will have our 2nd annual "Fog Fest" coming up.
Many local artists will be performing at various places for the
whole weekend.
Hopefully I get time off to be able to attend some of their shows.

And with this view, that I had the other day when a huge freighter came in and a small boat went by, I'll say good bye for today.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  1. Big boats, little boats, summer gardens, outside and friends, gotta love summer time.


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