Sunday, 3 August 2014

2nd Annual Fog Fest!

This weekend there was the 2nd Annual Fog Fest on Campobello. 
There was a lot of different music in many places around the Island.
The place was teeming with people and the weather was great. 
As if planned, on the first day, while listening to a performing artist, 
the fog was rolling in big time.
Within an hour the vision was down to zero.
But then the weather cleared up, the predicted rainfall drifted off to Nova Scotia
and the whole weekend turned out perfect, dry and warm.
                              Because of my work schedule I was only able 
to enjoy the very last event.  

Sunday evening at the Provincial Park Campground.
Many Islanders and summer guest were milling around, 
enjoying the performances. 
At one stand I discovered my neighbours. 
They were busy selling ice cream. 
The savings are going towards a planned ice rink. 

I got myself a peanut butter crunch ice cream 
and sat down with friends to enjoy the music.

                From 6-7:30 pm there was the Kendra Gale Band (rock) and from

          7:30-9 pm it was  J.P. Cormier time to perfom (folk, country, bluegrass).
Click on the link below to get a taste of his banjo music:
J.P. Cormier playing the banjo

All in all a relaxing end of a busy weekend.
I didn't stay to watch the fire works though. 
Tomorrow will be another work day and rest is needed. 

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  1. Looks like s fun foggy festival, nice that you were able to attend with some time off work.


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