Friday, 31 August 2012

Magic garden and a paint job

What happened to "dinner for two?" 
If you have been wondering if I fell of the edge of the world -  I am still there!

Sure, I am still doing the daily cooking, otherwise we would be starved by know, but I was weary to continue writing about it.
After a year about blogging about our dinners I begun to run out of new dishes and, I thought it only would become repetitive and dull to write about  meals that were written about already? So, there you go.
But, I was kind of busy around the house and garden though.
While fall is approaching fast and all the projects are about to wind down I at least want to document what happened to my two "magic square" garden patches and what happened on the house renovation front.
Here are some shots, before and after, to prove.
my garden squares in early June
same squares a month later
all is so tall that I have to take a photo from a distance
Lots of peas, tomatoes, corn, broccoli and more.

The garden has been so much pleasure. What is called " the magic square gardening" in one of my garden books proved to be just like that: magic.
Except from the occasional watering job I left nature do all the work. Weeding was very little to do. It is not worth mentioning.
It was such and easy thing that I am inclined to expand my squares from 2 to 4 for the season to come.

The paint job was of course more work, with all the scraping, priming and painting.
But we cannot leave the house part red, part yellow, can we?
East side of the house in August 2009
and August 2012
whasp alarm!
If you now wonder why the top of the gavel isn't finished there are two reasons to it.
1.There is a wasps nest in the left corner of the house and, 
2. I need to climb onto ladders to reach the top part, and that I am not so fond of. 
A scaffold would be the better thing to have. 
And here comes my hubby into focus for help, but - he is too busy with his new sightseeing business. 
North view of the house, August 2009
view in August 2012, just one part left to paint
Well, it is not the end of the business, but I have to do it the British way: "wait and have a cup of tea" and enjoy my garden.:)