Thursday 5 June 2014

Visitors from Texas

Tuesday I got visitors from Texas. 
Fellow "boondockers" we visited while being down there in January. Valinda, Gary and Meggie. They were accompanied by Fred, a handsome Shar-Pei-Labrador.
Fred, in their driveway, when we left their place in January.
 They parked their camper here for the night.
"Nice to see you again, Molly!"
They are great pals. He loves Molly and she likes him too. They even shared their bones to chew on.
It was great to have them all around for company.
We toured the Island, and visited the Roosevelt Cottage;  

went rock-hunting on the beach, shopped for souvenirs and tasted a local fish supper,

  while the dogs waited patiently at home.
Molly and Fred waiting behind the storm-door.
All in all they concluded: it had a great time!

It was sad seeing them leave today, but there plan to visit other places in Canada before they will return back to Texas. 
They promised they would come back, and was treated with a whole heap of Mint-Melts to sweeten the "farewell." :))

You are welcome anytime!