Sunday 4 January 2015

For BETTER and for WORSE

NO, I did NOT freeze during the night. That's the good news.

The bad news is: I did not sleep much.
After a while it actually got a tad to warm, 
and I struggled with the covers. 
That made me wake up and realize that something was wrong.

A clicking noise, another clicking noise...
UGH! At 11:30 PM (23:30 h) the furnace quit to work! 
My first thought was that the propane may have frozen solid. 
I got up, dressed quickly, put my head light on 
and ventured outside, into the glittering, starry, 
bitterly cold night, to investigate.
No, the propane was not frozen, 
but both bottles (20/30pounder) were EMPTY.

I yanked two full ones up and connected them; 
a not so easy thing to do, because the lines 
were nearly frozen to sticks.

Safely inside again I started the oven - 
flames were burning there. GOOD!
Now the furnace. 
It clicked and clicked and clicked. 
FINALLY the pilot flame ignited, 
and soon warm air streamed again into the living area. 
Good. GOOD.
Back to bed, back to sleep.
Not so easy. 
I was constantly listening:
Was the furnace still running? 

When Peter left for work at 5 AM I thought: 
NOW I could snooze, but no, 
Molly started to whine. UGH! 
A sure sign that she has to go out for business. 
Up again, and letting her out the door. 

This time I stayed inside. 
There would be nobody out there anyway.
After a few minutes she was back at the door, 
and I back in bed.
NOW I finally fell asleep !!

But the adventure was not over yet. 
When I got up, I checked around. 

No ice on the walls, 
but: in the corners, 
along the window's aluminum frames.
Ice in the corner behind the chair
WORSEthe temperatures inside 
had not risen above 10C (50 F)! 
Even with the furnace blasting warm air at full tilt.

The reason: outside temps still -28 C (-18F) 
with windchill of -42C (-43.6F).

But relief is in sight!
The TV NEWS showed that: by the end of the week 
we will be back to "normal" temperatures of -2C (28F) 
for daytime high temperatures!

All temperatures in Celsius.
That will feel like summer temperatures, compared! 
Layers is the magic word!

Now I know how an "Eskimo" might feel like.
Brrrr. Greetings from our
Yes, and our water is frozen too, but that is not a surprise. 
I suggested to drain and winterize but hubby had
his own thoughts about that.

For Better and Worse!
They said.
I was not knowing what I was getting into....


  1. Yeehaa! At noon we are up to 15 C (60F) inside!

  2. You need to head south as fast as you can!

    1. If it would have been that simple, I would have been on the road in November already.

  3. Oh my!!! I feel for you. Hang in there.

  4. Thanks. It is at least better than in Quebec, where 92,000 are without power. :))

  5. I guess that's what they're talking about when they refer to a "thermal break" in the walls of an RV. Such as is the case with the new Triple E models.
    Hopefully you can get out of there in due time. Keep an eye on that propane!

  6. Still two more full bottles handy. We have 3 big ones (30lbs) and 3 small ones (20 lbs) and keep them filled regularly. It is just to remember and going out and check BEFORE night time. I know. We should combine it with the last doggie walk. Laugh.

  7. I ran out of propane and Thursday was a holiday - so I had to wait until Friday. But I had the generator and two space heaters and that worked for us. And the microwave or toaster-oven to cook. It's nice to have back-up systems, they've saved me many times! I never have heat on during the night so our mornings are cold this time of year, and the other morning it was in the high 30's F. Lucky that you had back-up propane bottles. I would have a spare on board if I had room. I look at that photo of you and Molly, and she seems just fine - wonderful to have a coat like hers!

    1. Good for you. Isn't it typical that this happens on holidays/ weekends. when everything is closed up!
      I am glad we are hooked up to the campgrounds electricity line as well. With these temperatures we cannot be without heat during the night, danger or not. Running a generator would not be allowed here.

  8. It's not nearly even close to being as cold here last week as you have it there poor girl. But I have learned to use my blankets also to keep drafts out from the cab to the living area. And make sure the bathroom door and all the cupboard doors are closed. I think they forgot to insulate our rig:) I layered my clothing too and lots of hot tea, socks and my warm slippers. Hope it warms up for you soon. To bad Molly can't go potty inside .........

    1. Good thoughts, Betty. Yes, the closets could easily function as freezers these days. Actually, I prefer to leave closet and bathroom doors open so that the water lines get the benefit of some of the warm airstream. But layers it definitely is a must. And NO I would not prefer Molly doing her potty inside - :))


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