Tuesday 25 February 2014

Out For A Swim

Being out in the heat of the desert made me looking forward for a real swim.
Several years ago we accompanied a friend to Brawley, but there, the public pool is not heated. After half an hour in 64F (18 °C) cold water I was always FEEZING.
This year my friend found and started to use a pool in Yuma. There the water temperature is a delicious 84 F (28.8 °C).

We share a car ride and have used this opportunity a few times by now and, yesterday I finally took the camera to take some photos to show you how it looks like over there.

Take the the 4th Ave into Yuma and a right turn into 6th Street. The next turn is a left onto 6th Ave.
A few yards later on the right hand side is the pool area. The parking lot is not big, maybe 20 spots for the cars. There is no space for a big rig.

The fee is $3 for seniors. (No one asked us if we were visitors or City-residents.)
There is no entrance booth, the fee is paid to the live guard on duty.
They alternate their swimming hours between "lapses" or "play" swimming. This means: "No noodles" allowed when
there is "laps hour ".
Last time we were early and we did the swimming only, this time we played around with the "noodles".
Since there are no kids around, at the most I have seen about 10 seniors, the waters are quiet.
I asked the live guards for the reason: It is winter time and the kids season starts at May 1st.
Great for us! We had a lot of fun.