Saturday 27 September 2014

Last days of September - 'gals' out

3 more days and we are in OCTOBER already, can you believe it?!
Summer has gone by so fast.
Today was the last day before "Jocie's Porch" closed for the season.
We had our 'gals' day out on that occasion, though one of us was not able to attend. She became a grandmother very recently and was asked to help as an instant baby sitter. The kids where overwhelmed with their new baby and suffering from severe sleep deprivation. Isn't that something mothers know about?
Well, the rest of us (Deborah, Miada, Susan and I) had a great time with excellent tea, coffee and tea cakes.
Sitting on the porch, enjoying the warm sunshine (81 F) by 26 C, and the great view, we caught up with the news since not all of us had seen each other this summer.
On the way back I took a photo of this cute cabin. John (and Barbara) built and decorated this shed for their grand-kids. Very decorative!

The sun settled and bathed everything in mauve, red and gold. So beautiful.

When I read the news today there was a note and a video clip about "Rare Killer Whale (Orca) sighting in the Bay of Fundy" on CBC. Right here around the other big island "Grand Manan". You find the link to the article here