Monday 3 October 2016

A garden full of surprises

My effords in the spring bore fruit, but not necessarily what I expected.
This year there were a few surprises.
Carrots never grew. One always reads that carrots are easy to grow. I have grown them for the last three years.
Not this time. Nope, they didn't germinate. I bought several new seed packets. Nothing. Weird.
Spinach and peas but no carrots.
But there were other crops I have never seen before.
There was that cucumber seed that turned out into something like a cucumber-melon. Started out like a small pickled cucumber and then grew round and yellow. What the h...? We tasted them - they tast like cucumber.
The other thing is this. I thought it was an acorn squash but it turned out my neighbour knew better.

It is a "petit gris de rennes melon", a very old heirloom melon with origin in France. One of the most expensive melons on the gourmet food marked.
They were delicious, very sweet and full of flavour. MMMMh.
What I thought was pumpkin seeds turned out to be zuccini! Under the big leaves I found these three.
and a month later another pair - even bigger. And more "cucumber-melons". The biggest zuccini is 2.2kg (4.8pound). Amazing.

A rare guest at my house was sitting in the apple tree.
A cardinal. He was gone in a blink of the eye.

Welcome to PatsyIrene. Thanks for joining my blog. I read in your blog that you froze your apples? I have never done that and definitely will try it this fall because I have not enough time right now to make apple sauce at the moment.