Saturday 30 August 2014

Fall is in the air

Yesterday we had the last day of 82F (27C), my last chance to give Molly a bath and dry her outside in the sunshine.
 She is not overly enthusiastic about it, but most dogs aren't.  Even the once that like to swim in the ocean.
 As soon as the word "bath" is out they look miserable.
All fluffy and clean
She might look fat, but she actually lost weight. Last year she brought 61 lb (27 kg) on to the scale at the veterinarian's office. This year she is down to 57 lb (25 kg). That's ideal for a dog her size and age (10 1/2).
The rest is all fur.

And right I was. Today the temperature was just above 70 F (21C) in late afternoon. In the night it dipped for the first time under 50F (10C) and the morning with a brisk north-westerly wind felt like "fall was in the air". Soon the trees will start turning red and yellow.

If anyone remembers my garden project from last summer (from square to linear).
It turned out fine and the flowers are profound.
Just the way I had envisioned it. They cover the whole fenced area.

That was about two weeks ago.
And this is today.
Cosmos and Pot Marigolds, corn in the background
And they will bloom until the first frost, and long after the vegetable garden is cleaned out. So beautiful.
I have taken a lot of seeds already, my next years bloom is secured.
Gardening is such a pleasure to me.
Except the couscous, all produce are out of my garden. Tomatoes, beans, parsley, dill and garlic. Dinner for one.

Monday 25 August 2014

Double-double, not coffee but WORK!

I haven't been blogging lately and there is a reason for it.

I am busy, busy, busy, because I got myself another job. Now, I change between working at the Campobello Whale Watch Motel
This is an old photo, hence the blur.
and at our local grocery store (Campobello Village Mart ), where I try to be useful in the deli department (subs, sandwiches, salads and that kind of stuff).

Right now, while I am blogging, I am on night shift at the Motel. I "baby-sit" the location while the owners are entertaining private guests at their residence.
The good thing with that night shift is that I am allowed to use my laptop to shorten the night hours. Molly didn't have to stay at home alone either, she may keep company with the office dog "Gracie".

 Neither seemed to really be in the mood to be photographed tonight.
Molly isn't used to the faint rumbling noises from the guest on the second floor. That spooks her. Maybe she would rather be at home on her own bed right now. Who knows. You cannot have it all.

The Motel actually hasn't a water view, but they have a "whale" view. Fran and Jim have some cute little whales "splashing" around in the flower beds. Theses toy whales do their job watering the greenery.

One of the things I most like with these jobs is the flexibility. Where else would I find that?
We all try to work together and make things go around. Some days when I am needed at the Motel I get off at the Grocery Store and vice versa. In the afternoon I bring Molly over as well. She stays outside on the Motel's porch and watches us at work.
Even when there is a guiding tour coming up I have been lucky so far. I always could get off to do the tour and "go to work" after or before.
The tour around the island is of course pure pleasure time.
Everybody knows how important all our visitors are for this small island community and we all try to be as accommodating as possible.

Boy - where has summer gone?
My garden is a bit neglected, no wonder!
but there are squash, and bell peppers, carrots and peas, green and yellow beans lettuce, tomatoes and all kind of herbs.

I am not starving. Food is plentiful, I even have enough to share with my friends.
This year I am also lucky with the flowering peas.
Maybe because I didn't do anything. Laugh!

Now time is flying by and soon we are in September can you believe it? The fall season will be there. 

A beautiful orb spider web. They crop up everywhere, a sure a sign of autumn to come.