Wednesday 18 June 2014

Summer views and a DIY project.

If you wondered what happened to me, I just had a writers block and took a break from posting.

Life is going on like it always does. Nothing exciting to write about.
Spring has finally turned into summer.
It is the time I love the best. The weather is mostly pleasant, not hot yet and nature is still so fresh and blooming. I love the morning walks and the view over to Eastport, ME.
Eastport, Maine, bathed in the morning sun
 June is the month where our ferry starts going again and we can reach the Canadian mainland without driving through the US first.
The summer ferry has started up again 
June on the island means lots of lupines all around. A nice view here but elsewhere they are shunned as a weed and even prohibited. Not here.
View down towards the ferry landing
Wild lupines everywhere
My days go with pottering around in my garden, working at he motel and tending on other peoples flowerbeds and window boxes.
Swallowtail on my lilac
Canadian Tiger Swallowtail
I am taking up on things that have been irritating me.
Earning so to say "brownie points" for myself...
For example the silicon sealing along the edge of the bath tub.
Over the years the water had stained it an ugly brown and I HATED that view.
Eeew! That has to come off!!
I couldn't pester hubby anymore to do the job and no "caretaker"  around either. :((
There was no way around it -  I had to DIY (myself).
Easy does it, no pistol needed.
Off it came
Scraped the old vinyl out, and with the advice of some smart neighbour gals I got the job done. I was surprised how easy the task was. I could have done it way earlier! Next time I will.
Ha! Nice and clean again. :))
More projects are waiting. The attic is still a mess and the garage needs a clean out as well. There is no time to be bored here.