Wednesday 14 August 2013

Got potatoes?

I could not wait any longer, I had to check upon my potatoes.
There were potatoes in the ground!
One plant yielded a bit more than a pound (600 g), not too bad for this hobby gardener.
Also, there was the second batch of green beans to harvest, ca 200 g, and of course lots of lettuce.
Goodies out of my garden!
Our dinner tonight was complete with some pork sirloin.

That means the dental "convalescent" is able to eat normal food again. :))

When I checked my flowers today I found one that I hadn't seen before. After doing some research it came up as Red Flax, linum grandflorum rubrum. Must have come of the $1 Wildflower package. I am surprised that anything came out of that at all, because the content looked more like sawdust than seeds to me. Well, well.

Last year I started out a vegetable garden with two raised beds. It was for fun.
My first garden, two raise beds in June 2012...
This year I have four and two potato towers. Still a size for me that it is more fun than work. And since we don't have a freezer we have to be able to eat it all as soon as it ripens.
... has doubled in size, taken July 17, 2013
 Since we had such a cold spring the corn started late, and I doubt if it will succeed this year, but we will see.
This bed has potatoes, corn, green beans, lettuce and cosmos flowers.
Tomatoes, basil, carrots, lettuce and marigolds
Peas, iceberg lettuce, a row of collard greens, 6 green cabbages, 4 broccoli and numerous radishes were already harvested.
In the herb department: Parsley, Summer Savoy, Cilantro, Lemon Balm, Chives.
Dill didn't work out this year. :(( Wrong spot, I guess.
Always something to do.
There is already another project on my mind....