Monday 23 June 2014

A ferry ride and guests from Kentucky

There was a break in all the work days.
I went to the Canadian Mainland for a shopping spree with my employer and friend Fran. She wanted to buy several trees and bushes and these are not allowed to be transported through the US.
So, on the way back we took the summer ferry connection to the island.
At the ferry landing on Deer Island
The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. The tide was at it's lowest.
The ferry had to wait for a boat passing by.
Impressions from omboard

Arriving at the ferry landing on Campobello Island
When I arrived back at home I had guests from Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Rachel and her son Zack came with their "Rialta" and stayed for two nights to explore the area.
They were great company, and good food followed in their wake. Maybe we will be able to drop in at their place at one time in the future. Who knows?

Now I am back to my solitude and this morning I particularly enjoyed the view and the garden.
Early morning sunshine on the porch
Colourful "eye candy" 
My perennials along the front are filling in nicely
That's the idea, a garden that is not overwhelming. Just for the fun of it.