Saturday, 20 September 2014

Red leafs indicate finality

The first cold night (2C) 35F turned out the colours. 
This year it reminded me of the light at an intersection. 
First green, then yellow and at the end RED. 
This indicates the finality of summer. IT IS OVER. So sad.
I gathered my flower pots inside for the night.
Every fall I have a hard time making me throw away my flowers.
A little longer, a little longer, I think every day. 
They are still so beautiful to look at. 
But nothing is for ever. Life is a constant change. 
Eventually, there will be an end to it all. 
I have given notice to my employers.
Soon, I will leaving this lovely island behind,

heading west, to bleak prairie land 

and oil country.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

So blue, so beautiful!

Another gorgeous day of a wonderful summer. The morning started out with fog. But fortunately that burned off around 10 AM.
Just what I needed because there was the last guided tour of the season coming up.

We met in the parking lot of the Roosevelt Cottage and went off on our tour around the island.
The weather was incredible beautiful, blue skies, plentiful of sunshine and a slight breeze. Two bold eagle glided by to the delight of my guests.

We saw a small pod of 5 or 6 Minke Whales in the waters around the South end of the island. They were far out and to fast in their movements for me to catch them.
You can barely make out one dorsal fin above the waves just before they dived again. And I didn't have my tele lens either.
At another beach my guests were captivated by the pebbles and the seals which sunned themselves on the rocks.

The wind carried their hoarse barking over to us. They were frolicking in the waves, jumping and smashing their tails onto the water.
It was a hard time to keep my my time frame. We wanted to linger longer, much longer so badly.
We visited the harbour and of course the light house. The tide was still high and we could not get over to see it in full. Nonetheless it was a beautiful view.
All in all it was a success, again.
What a wonderful day to end the season!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The painting on the wall

This year I finally got bell peppers to grow, I got two small ones and one cucumber. I guess this is because we had a very cool summer compared.
The tomatoes didn't care, they grew and there are about 20 more hanging on the vine.
I had another great dinner mostly made of the produce of my little garden patch.
The other thing I am proud of is that my last years trial of propagating Hydrangeas did work.
One of the little plants came up with one delicate pink/blue, lacy flowers head. Yeahh!
Now I have just to find the right place where it shall be transplanted to come next spring.
The evening grew cool and I ventured inside, looking out through the window to see how the setting sun painted orange and yellow shades on the foliage.
The low standing sun did not only set a glow to the greenery outside, it also painted on my sitting room wall!
Just look.
I had great paintings of modern art on the wall - and all for free!
Sunset painting on the wall
I was able to enjoy the extraordinary paintings on the wall for just a few minutes.
Then the sun sunk behind the horizon and all went dark.

Beauty is all around us. We have only to look and see.