Saturday 11 May 2013

Orphan fox kids

I am outraged!
Remember the day I told you about the fox I saw in the distance.
Good - they will take care of the rabbits, was my thought.
Fox sighting in early April
The last couple of day while working in my vegetable garden I heard gunshots from the south of our property.

Now I was told that someone in the neighbourhood has shot the foxes!
I hoped it was not true, because - they have puppies.
But all signs tell that something is wrong.
Yesterday while driving by we saw two of them outside a fallen down barn, in bright daylight. No protective adult around.
Hubby had to stop the car and I jumped out to have a closer look.

First they were a little shy, but then the one good a bit more curious.
They seemed hungry and curious. 
Not a good combination for survival.

What will happen to them is the question now.
They are still to young to fend for themselves.
Will they starve to death? Will they be run over by a car?
Will the neighbour go and kill them too?