Saturday, 6 April 2013

Hearty Soup and Fruity Cookies

While hubby was out in the cold I decided to cook a good vegetable soup.
Nothing is better than a hearty soup or stew on a cold day.

Done that I made a quick batch of cookies.
Well, they didn't turn out as the should. 
They turned out flat, flat. :((
My favourite cup
But they taste delicious! :))
I guess I should have chilled the dough before baking. 
The recipe is very easy, though. Done 15 cookies in 30 minutes.

Ingredients/ Directions:  

Friday, 5 April 2013

Stuff and "Geschnetzeltes"

Haven't you experienced the same? STUFF grows, constantly.
When we married we throw together two households and had nearly everything in double. We moved - and downsized. First time was the hardest. Many things were connected to dear memories.
We got through with it.
When we came to Canada we had to downsize again and arrived with only a very small amount of stuff.
After several years we decided to move from West to East and we had to downsize again.  The house we moved into seemed so big and empty.
that's not mine, but it looks pretty much like it :))
But coming from a trailer-life back into our dwelling it appears that the house has gather stuff AGAIN. It is everywhere.
I wish I could throw everything out what is not necessary instead of hoarding it.

Back to the kitchen counter. I admit the it is nice to be back in a real kitchen for a change.
Though - I think my U-formed one in the travel trailer is more convenient. Kind of shorter way of getting to things and more countertop to work on. ;)

Today I prepared "Geschnetzeltes". Wonder if someone can pronounce that. (Laugh)
I means "finely sliced" meat. My dear husband bought a boneless pork roast and I got the idea to do it the German way.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Empty streets, deer and finally home again

We made it! Finally we are home again. The weather was bright when we left Bangor early in the morning. It was Easter Sunday, all streets emptied of the usual busy traffic.
Machias, ME on Easter Sunday
Except in one curve - there was a family of 5 trying to cross the road. Deer.
Luckily we spotted them (and they us) in time.
Deer crossing!
By noon we arrived at home. Yeehaa!
Electricity came on, heat came on. 
Checked and found no mice droppings around! Great!
All seemed to be well, except when hubby turned on the water. 
Some pipes in the basement didn't cooperate this winter. Three connections came apart. 
It must have frozen in the basement. (For the first time in the three years we own this place!)
He fixed it because-of-Easter-Sunday-all-shops-are-closed with duct-tape.
Now we had hot water in the kitchen and cold water in the bathroom. 
All is warmed up and cosy. We won't complain. :))
Today we also got our phone/internet connected as planned. Great!
Now my dear husband is out and about getting the right stuff to fix it. 
He will probably be posting about it later in the evening.

And I will start up and get all things organized and cleaned up in the kitchen!

See 'ya later!