Sunday 4 May 2014

This and that, but mostly rainy.

It's Sunday and it is raining, AGAIN!
While Molly defeats the rain and keeps and eye on the ever busy 
squirrels ...

I am inside, enjoying a nice cup of coffee 
while writing about this and that.
The week has mostly been grey and windy, with a few sun rays now and then.
But, I got my peas and lettuce seeds in the ground! 
The package said: "as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring".

Now, all I hope for is that they don't rot in the ground.

A pair of mourning doves patiently waiting for their cracked corn.

May usually is the month for my annual medical check ups. 

Appointments are made and time for blood work is scheduled.
The farthest I have to go is to St. John, that's a 2 1/2 hours drive away from home. 

Thursday was the day.
Off course, it rained all day long!

I really hate to take photos while in the drivers seat, but I checked the mirrors - there was no car behind me, no one on the side or in the front either. So I took the chance, just to show you.

Rainy road, close to Lubec, Maine
St John Regional Hospital, parking lot
The consultation with the specialist took about 15 minutes.
"Nothing changed, see you next year!"
Two hours driving back and forth for a 15 minutes check up.

Because I hadn't been off the island since the beginning of April there was a long list of items I had to take care of.
The rest of the afternoon I did all the necessary shopping in St. Stephen's and Calais, taking advantage as best as I could.
On the way through town I looked with horror at the advertised gas prices: regular $1.39/ l (about US 4.15/gal)!

On the Maine side the prices are up to $ 3.82/gal ($ 1.07/l) for regular and $ 4.14/gal for the diesel.
So far there are still some advantages to live close to the border, even with a weaker Canadian Dollar.

In the evening the rain finally stopped, and when I walked down to the water I took the camera with me.
Evening sun shines on our road
Sunset over Eastport, ME
Where there is sun, there is hope, says I! :))