Friday, 29 March 2013

Almost home, lambs and the difference

We made it until Connecticut. The temperatures are fine, considered being in the northern hemisphere.
Jeri suggested long pants and coat. We did, we did. Long johns, mittens and the whole stuff. Down in Tennessee.
It isn't that bad here. High 51 F (11 C), night 39 F(4). Not too bad at all.
But there was LOTS of traffic today, the beginning of  the Easter Weekend.
What's left - 8 hours driving.
Boy, am I glad when it is over.

Before we left this morning, I visited the barn at our friends in Pennsylvania. There had a bunch of new born lambs. So cute!
One lost its mother and followed L. all over the place. It was waiting for his bottle of milk!

Look at this. What a difference to last year!
March 2013
same spot March 2012
March 2013
March 2012

When I reflect on the whole thing - it is pretty nuts.
Some people just go 2 or 3 hours to their destination. Some go a day. in Europe that would be the maximum. SO far away.
But we need to cross a whole CONTINENT to find our favourite spot. Not once, no - twice a year.
But what would life be if you cannot go a little bit nuts? At least it's a positive "nuts" compared to some guy in N. K. who is playing warmonger.

Dinner, just a walk around in my fridge. Rice, leftover roasted chicken, carrots and cauliflower. Topped with some cheese.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Making progress

To tired to write more than this.
We are making progress and will reach Pennsylvania today.
Not much left from there on.

Day temperatures for Thursday, 2pm are in the 40ies (7 C)

Monday, 25 March 2013

Propane, Pizza and Plans

 What did we do all day long? Not much, I fear. The most important task was to get the propane bottle refilled.
We went from one side of town to the other because the first place didn't have a competent person around to do the job.
The second had.
Thanks. You made us a happy camper!

While walking with Molly I took my 200mm lens and tried to get closer to the bushes where the cardinals were holding up. These bright red birds are so pretty!
Good try! The robins were more trusting, the cardinals weren't.
Well, this is the closest I got before they took off. 
About 21 yards (20 m).
All afternoon we checked and re-checked weather sites and web cams for the I-81.  The weather seemed not to have improved much.
I like these sites where you can plot in the state and road to look at the stretch you actually want to drive. Great stuff, with these web cams.

The other site is a site where you can find accommodation, RV- parks or boondocking sites per state. One site shows all wally-marts per state
and another click (on the small square button behind the state) shows which one allow overnight stay. Red one don't.
For dinner we did a copy cat (Suzy and George), pizza it was.
Tomorrow we'll take off again and try our luck.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

It is time for hunkering down

And it happened again.
We thought we were smart and would be able to outdo Nature. HA!
We run across the continent  to stay ahead of the bad weather only to realize it was impossible. The thing is: weather systems don't stop and sleep. Eventually they catch up to you.
 Dark Blue = 30F (-1 C)
The big COLD has engulfed us. There was no way out.
But we can count us lucky, there is no snow predicted for Forrest City, AR. Just a strong, cold wind.

What did we do when we finally had "to show the white flag"?
Hunkered down and made the best out of it. It won't last forever!
The trailer kept rocking in the wind, we kept the furnace running, read, went online or just relaxed.
Molly, just relaxing...
The only chore I hated today - walking the dog.
Lots of migrating birds milled around on the grassy part of the campground looking for earth worms. In the distance I saw three cardinals, unfortunately too far away for the camera lens.
American Robin
Common Grackle
European Starling
3 red blobs - Cardinals in the distance
Not much fancy eating - just some devil's eggs, salami sandwiches and a hot "cuppa" peppermint tea.