Saturday 15 June 2013

Prince-Regent Torte

Long time, no see,eh? ;))
What shall I bring up for an excuse - bad weather, bad internet connection, garden work, writers block, plain laziness, you get the hang of it...

Yesterday I created a German type of cake, a Prince Regent Torte. At least I tried. Why?
It's my husbands birthday today!

The cake is elaborate to make and it surely is a calorie bomb.
Lots of butter, sugar and eggs. 8 layers of cake to be baked, a
cream for the filling to be made and a chocolate coating.
Never done before, so far so good.

We will see how it looks like inside and how it tastes later this afternoon.

PS. Afternoon:

OK. The cake has been cut and tasted like: " MMMMMMMHHHH."

Would you like a piece?