Wednesday 18 December 2013

Snow - and more to come!

ANOTHER 20 cm of snow was dumped on us.
Now we are looking at about 38 cm (15 inch) in total and, for the coming weekend they are predicting additional 
50 cm (19 inch) on top of this!

Can you imagine how this will be, come January and February?
Do I really want to know?

In the late afternoon I took a last walk with the dog and these are the photos from our neighbourhood, just to show you...

Until now I have been enjoying a cosy warm house and watching the flakes swirling by the window, taking a walk with Molly in the snow. I really like it. As soon as the sky clears it is very pretty to look at too, all white and blue and gold. I probably would have dug out my Norwegian cross-country-ski and would have taken a tour in the park. Maybe I would have built a snowman as well.

But what shall we do when hubby finally decides that he wants to leave for sunny Florida after all?
Well: pack, Baby, pack! 
Yes, and mascot "Rosie" has to travel with us too!
I hate leaving the house in a hurry but this time it cannot be helped.
Luckily I have list, so the last two days I have been packing and we have been scuttling between the house and the camper trailer.
When we return the Christmas tree will still be sitting in our cosy living room.
 view of North Road today, and hopefully...
... the roads will be plowed by tomorrow morning 
(and look like they did last week) 
so we'll get ourselves out of here.
Dream on!

See you on the road!

Sunday 15 December 2013

Let it snow!

When the day dawned the storm was over us 
 with strong winds and whiteout. 
We only left the house for brief sequences 
when Molly had to do her walks.
Otherwise I went from window to window to look at nature's force.
By 4 PM in the afternoon the whole thing was over and
the snow showers stopped.

Hubby started to dig out his van.
Luckily a helpful neighbour came over to clear out the driveway 
were about 15 inches (38 cm) 
of hard packed snow had accumulated.
Otherwise we would have been shovelling until Easter!
No power outages here, no freezing rain either.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!