Saturday 20 December 2014

Late December Ramblings

Compared to our recent years this winter will be 
quite a different experience. 

I miss my friends. 

Our get-togethers, pot-lucks and bonfires.

There is not much to do between work shifts in these days. 
No family to visit, no big meal to prepare. 
J.P. will be working during the holidays. 
The other day
I got into a creative mode and crafted...
...a few paper snow flakes... hang up between window pane and bubble wrap.
Then I waited for the sunrise.
So far the winter has been gentle towards us.
Outside, frozen fog has laced the few fallen leafs.
But there is still January and February to conquered.
The coldest months of a year 
are still ahead of us.

Soon Christmas Days are here again.
The Holidays or X-mas.
Happy Days to you all!
Only the Best for you
in 2015!
And thanks for following my ramblings.