Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lamb-burger and Fried Ice Cream

Have ever eaten lamb-burger? We did, today.
Good friends of ours came over to treat us with their version of lamb-bugers served on sesame buns with slices of cucumber in sour cream.
Lamb-burger, Cucumber in sour cream, string beans, potatoes
Very tasty! Not at all mutton-like.
I needed to get the recipe but my friend said, she just put them together, somehow.
Well, if there is no recipe, we have try it ourselves one time.
Our contribution was string beans and some potatoes because I knew at least one who likes to eat that.
Dessert: Fried Ice Cream. Never had eaten that before either. Yummy.
Thank you, for a very good dinner, and a lovely evening, Rogette and William!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Cosmos and Cabbage

Another day spent on the road, driving between home and St. Stephen. It was for the last of all my doctor's appointments, I hope. The month of May is the month to get all the "ducks in a row" and be done with it.
Now I have to wait for the results to trickle in.
But - on the other hand, the day was just the day to do it. Foggy and wet, I couldn't have done anything in the garden anyway.
After the appointment I took a quick turn into the bargain shop ( as a goodie for the suffering at the doctors' office), and then off to the grocery department before turning towards home.
Got more flower seeds..

and other "stuff" :))
Back home again we headed to check out the van that we are doing the drivers test on tomorrow. At least I wanted to know where to open the hood and where the wipers and light breakers are. Off course we took a short trip to the next parking lot, and I did some parking manoeuvres. To get the feeling, sort of.
I wish we had already tomorrow evening!
That done the day was pretty much over and supper time coming up.
Steamed red and whit cabbage, kielbasa sausage
The meal was pretty down to earth. Steamed cabbage in white sauce, potatoes, and a piece of kielbasa sausage for hubby.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Springtime Sunday

Apple blossoms
What a gorgeous day we had. The air like velvet and all colours so vibrant! I just LOVE springtime!

Chickadee catching a larvae
After breakfast on the porch I puttered a little more around in my garden. Later, J.P. went off with Molly driving around the island and shooting over 100 of photos. Lots of good shots!

I particularly like the one where the chickadee gets a larvae out of the apple blossoms. THAT really shows the advantage of having these little feathered helpers around. Same thing with our hummingbirds. They don't only drink sugar water, but eat a lot if mosquitos as well.
The afternoon was spent with fresh waffles and reading two books about Tasha Tudor's garden. Delightful reading. What a dream of an old fashioned cottage garden.

For dinner I made oven baked chicken breast with peaches and cilantro.
I surrounded the chicken with the content of a can of peaches. Both fruit and syrup.
Seasoned with salt, 1/4 tsp of curry and crushed coriander (cilantro) seeds.
Chicken breast and peaches on a bed of rice
My own composition and we both agreed that this was a very good combination. It needed a little bit more "ompf". Maybe I'll add some crushed chili next time. Have to think about it.