Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Myth of the "Green Flash"

It's nearly time for us to pull down our tents and move on.
Although we could NOT sit outside and enjoy the fireplace because of the cold, we DID have some great sunsets.
I was told, by our host Sherry, that their guests use 
to sit at the beach front and wait to cheer 
the "green flash" that sometimes occurs when the sun sets.
I would have loved to see that phenomenon.

I couldn't figure out when exactly this occurs.
I am guessing: It happens
the moment the sun touches the horizon, or
when she sinks behind it
It must have something to do with the season.
Maybe, it happens in the summer only
when there is a lot more humidity in the air
Or, it has something to do with the amount of the drinks you consummate at "happy hour". (Laugh)
Here is my collection. Same spot, different days.
Have your pick!

AND finally:
No, really, it can happen: see this article