Tuesday 29 April 2014

Another day, another year.

What's going on over here? Not so much I am afraid. No garden work yet.
I cleaned out the kitchen cupboards as part of my spring cleaning plan.
It was not hard to surrender to the Molly's plea for a walk.
Cannot even imagine that this view today.....
....will change into this, in about 6 weeks.
But I hope it will happen....!!!!
This was the cake I was treated to today. My very good friends invited me over for a delicious lunch followed by almond coffee and chocolate truffle cake. Thank you very much indeed!
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Rick and Kathy Rousseau has left a new comment on your post "Just a sigh.":
Thank you! I had a great day.

That's what I thought too, that Blogger is the culprit.

Nan Talley
No, I didn't know that Robins are the only ones that can pull a worm in one piece! Amazing. Thanks for sharing that with me too.

Desert Diva has left a new comment on your post "Just a sigh.":
Thank you for your advices. I checked them out. Red-sweater is for Mac's that are younger than mine.
For ecto I couldn't find any recent reviews. Only until 2009, so I was not sure about that.
Other suggestions seemed too complicated for me.
In general, I am very reluctant to install new things because I am not sure if my old Mac has enough space to
store all that new fancy stuff. I would probably have to expand it's capacity first.

I went into my Template, but could only find out that I had to go into HTLM to get a "reply" function inserted.
That is too complicated for me.
I think, I have to go on as  before.
Rather safe than sorry! :)))