Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve in Florida

Just in time to celebrate Christmas Eve.
That's the European tradition.

A candle, taken from the Christmas tree 
that stayed at home.
A good meal of beef mignon, broccoli and potatoes...
... and a gorgeous sunset at the Gulf of Mexico.
"All trouble seem so far away!"
What do we need more?

We miss our families and
our friends in the desert!
But we cannot have it all, can't we?
Merry Christmas To You All!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Stress Management

Two flat tires within 24 hours.
 Trucks always choose THIS spot,
even when there is
lots of space available farther away.

 Take a deep breath and RELAX
Think of something BEAUTIFUL

"Always walk on the bright side of life!"

Sunday, 22 December 2013

What a drive!

What a drive, getting to Florida in the Christmas Season!
10 days to California seems a dream compared!

We covered a lot of conditions, that's for sure.
Icy and snowy roads until Boston, MA
Terrible congested Interstate- 95, stop and go for hours. Everybody was on the road to somewhere....
Empire State Building
One World Building
I tried to capture some of Manhattan skyline, seen from New Jersey's I-95.
Finally open country Highway (29 South) where we ended up after making a Break out of the mayhem around I-95. We should have done that from the start on.
Torrential rainfalls, that kept us put for a night on a truck stop.
And more, stay tuned!
But we are all well.
Somehow I miss the Island.....
Mulholland Lighhouse, Campobello
December, 19 2013