Thursday 11 April 2013

Cabbage and Noodles? Why not?

Some time ago I was made aware by Betty that there was a dish that is made out of cabbage and noodles. I had never heard about something like it. Cabbage - yes. Noodles - yes. But together?

As usual I went online and - TADA! - there are tons of recipes describing Cabbage and Noodles in a combination. Amazing!

As I understand it originates as a Hungarian or Polish dish.
Makes sense to me. That was what people had available on their small farms. Cabbage from their fields/gardens; hens gave the eggs and milk from a cow, and ham from a hog. There was no way of going to the next supermarket. You had to do all from scratch.
Even the noodles. (egg, milk, flour, salt and nutmeg)
Fill casserole with layers of cabbage and noodles
And here comes the difference. I didn't have any real home made egg-noodles (Spaetzle) and I didn't want to try making some. (It might be idea for another posting.)
Plain noodles had to do the trick.
Cabbage-Noodle Casserole
I found a recipe I liked and added some ham and a milk and egg mixture before setting the casserole in the oven. The dish can good be an "all vegetarian" if one doesn't add the bacon and ham.
Easy to make, tasty, and nice on the budget.

Spring is in the air and grape fruits for a sauce?

I don't know, but this posting was destined to be online yesterday. Today when I checked - it showed up as a draft. I am sure I published it!
Well here it goes:

I am so excited! There are signs of that spring is around the corner!
A crocus is peeking out of the ground
When I went around in the garden I saw some bulbs are tentatively showing
grows. In the distance I could hear a cardinal's distinctive song.
Lots of juncos, starlings and robins on the lawn. They all disappeared when I showed up outside. I would have to have a window seat like Al to get a better opportunity.

Back to the kitchen counter.
I thought I would make something new today, but when I checked online it turned out others tried it already.
That's the way it is nowadays with connection to internet and all kind of gadgets.
It reminds me of the tale of the hare and the hedge hog. Whenever the hedge hog arrived at the goal, the hare was there first.

Well, we got a bag full of pink grape fruits lately, and since we are not used to eat them regularly there are still some left on the kitchen counter.
So, today while I was cooking chicken breast in the oven, I looked at the grape fruits and thought that I could maybe use their juice in the sauce.

And it was good indeed. Served on rice and stir fried vegetables.
Chicken breast in grape fruit sauce
For the one's that might be interested in my recipe....

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Posting January 2006 1. part

It is fun to go through the old postings. We did a lot more of exploring the are when we were down in California for the first time.
Just a few tabs:
January 1.- 7. Visited Painted Canyon near Mecca, CA.
January 8.- 10 Visited Felicity, Centre of the World 
January 11.- 21. Palm Canyon, Quartzsite Gem Show, Lake Havasu, Nevada

From there on we went towards new horizons..... coming up.
Bea and Peter on their first RV adventure in 2005/06

Sunday 7 April 2013

Tendronitis and a new Blog

I need a rest!
Today I worked until my arms hurt! I was busy copying our earlier travel adventures from an old web page onto a new blog I created today.
We started out as RVers in October 2005.
Our journey was planned as follows:

Form Alberta towards the West Coast, then down to California.
On to the Mexican Gulf and back to Canada.

I published today the first part of that journey:
October - December of 2005.

If you like to take a look go to our new blog: American-Traveler-Snowbirds.
I will publish the other months over the next days/ weeks.

After 2005/06 is finished I will ad our journey of 2006/07 and 2008/09.
In 2007/08 we didn't go south, so there is no blog of that winter.

Enjoy, there are lots of photos. If you a curious what other dog we had: that was "Boomer" (1997 - 2008) our precious yellow lab.

Our rig at that time: