Monday, 27 May 2013

No apples this fall? Let's hope that's not true!

My apple tree has stopped its growth. For weeks already the buds shimmer through the green and nothing happens. Maybe the tree is wise. If it would open its flowers now - there would be no bees around to pollinate. It is just to cold. So, let's hope that the days warm up pretty soon and enable the bees to do their job.
Apple flower in buds
"Bleeding Hearts"
My choice the other day was not really a choice. I did all the cooking
Friday we had meat-loaf,
Saturday it was beef stew
and Sunday baked chicken on rice.

Today will be a leftover day. Tomorrow I think I will cook a chicken soup with vegetables from the rest of the chicken.

Today I had the first ever sighting of an Oriole on our property. Yeeaah! 
He was busy checking the flower buds for insects. Attaboy!