Saturday, 17 May 2014

A morning on the "Green"

The nice weather didn't last long. But long enough to get around the local golf course. They opened up for the season yesterday. Not that I am an avid golfer, I am rather a "self made" one with lots of training in the Californian desert and used golf clubs from the flea market. :))
Very occasionally I accompany a friend to the course on the island to do "the real thing".

The parking lot was packed when we arrived.
View from the putting green overlooking Herring Cove and Lake Glensevern.
The "First Hole".
D. getting ready for the "drive".

In the brochure it says: the "Forth Hole" is a short par 4. Ha! 
What a stretch to cover, untrained as I am! 
140 yards (128 m). It seemed endless to me.

Here, D. made it nearly to the "green" with her drive, that's 195 yards (178 m).
I got only close to the "narrow" part.
It is said that this is "a very short "par 3". Well, I needed 5 shots to "sink the ball" and I thought that was not too bad at all.

And then it showed that I am not a "real golfer". I got distracted by this view in the woods! Purple trillium! They are native in Canada but protected because they are so rare.
I just hope the Golf Course owners/users are aware of that !
Barely visible among the green foliage, but so beautiful close up. If you would be tempted to pick one piece - think twice.

If you would be tempted to pick one piece think twice. 
First: it is an endangered plant and you should just look and not touch.
Second: losing a part will stress the whole plant so much that it will actually die. Wouldn't that be awful!

View from the Club house by the parking lot.
We walked for about 3 hours. Good exercise and we had lots of fun. What a wonderful morning we had.
But after 9 holes I was shot and ready for lunch!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Finally, a nice day - 68˚F (20˚C)

Finally we got our first day with temperatures was up to 68˚F (20˚).
With all the grey and cold weather lately I felt that there was not much to write about.
In the morning, view from my porch.

A tray of flowers for my garden is already in place. Some will go into my vegetable patch, the others will find a spot around the house. (And the table needs a fresh coat of paint).

A day ago, I saw the "enemy" right in front of the porch!
I took the photo through the old wavy window panes, hence the blurriness. 

That hare was facing Molly who was tied up by the entrance. 
Since she did not move, he came up to her as close as 13 feet (4 m)! Maybe he realized that the dog was on the leash.

An hour later I was busy fixing the fence. Under the old window frames I am growing 3 tomato plants. Lettuce, spinach and peas are peaking their first leaves through the ground.
It was high time that I protected my future food against hungry hares!

The brown patch in the lawn shows the way my garden was arranged last year. I hope it will be green again in a few weeks time. 
I got the tricky lawn mower started as well! 
The grass is growing fast now and I mowed for the first time this season.
View from my garden over to Eastport, ME.
I think I have to set up a bench here - just to be able to sit and enjoy the view.