Tuesday 17 January 2012

Chicken Breast and Mushroom Sauce

Chicken Breast and Mushroom Sauce

Easy does it. I found a single fried chicken breast in the fridge, some mushrooms and new what I wanted to make for dinner today. 
Sliced the chicken breast, brazed the mushrooms in butter and warmed the chicken meat while the rice was boiling. A cucumber salad added the colour.

Heute war mal wieder schnelle Küche angesagt. Eine einsame Hühnerbrust (gebraten), Champignons und schon war die Idee zum Abendessen geboren.
Die Pilze wurden in Butter gebraten und das Hühnerfleisch zum wärmen dazugegeben. Als Beilage: Reis und Gurkensalat.

Idag war det enkelt igjen. Jeg fant noe stekt kylling og champignonger i kjøleskapet. Soppen ble sautered med smør og kyllingen skåret i skiver og varmet opp sammen i soppsausen. I tillegg: ris of agurksalat.


  1. You certainly do come up with some great dinner ideas. It makes me hungry everytime I read your blog.

    1. Thanks, but I think when you do photos of your great cooking I would say the same. I is amazing how it looks en masse. I never thought I knew so many recipes. It was fun to find out.
      Looking forward for your story about the "personal chef"!


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