Tuesday 10 January 2012

Food for the eye

Early Brittlebush

I would rather write about the flowers we saw today than about my today's dinner. There wasn't much to cook anyway. The fridge is about empty.

I am a nature's fan and always looking for birds and flowers along the road.
And on the net I even found their names.
It is still early January but there are already some flowers to see in the desert near Joshua Tree Park, CA. See more photos of today's trip here.
Chuparosa, justicia californica

Creosote Bush, laraea tridentata

Arizona Lupine, lupinus arizonicus

Woody Bottlewasher, camissonia boothii

Chanterbury Bells, phacelia campanularia
And welcome to the blog Terry and Jeri!

Heute will ich nichts übers Abendessen schreiben sondern lieber von den ersten Blumen berichten. die wir in der Nähe des Joshua Tree Parks gesehen haben.  Es ist eigentlich noch etwas zu früh, aber einige haben schon ein paar Blüten. Mehr Photos von heute findet ihr hier.

Idag vil jeg heller skrive om blomstene vi så i Joshua Tree Park. Egentlig er det litt tidlig på åre, vi skulle være her i slutten av Februar, da er ørkenen nemlig i full blomst. Men det var ikke så værst idag. Flere bilder finner du her.

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  1. I love taking pictures of flowers. It's especially fun in the spring when so many pop up in the desert and just about every place else.


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