Sunday 29 April 2012

Bea's Mock Black Forest Cake

OK. The cake I baked yesterday was now ready to decorate. Before I fell asleep last night I got an idea what to do.
Here we go: A mock "black forest cake".
1 can of cherry pie filling
1 quart heavy whipping cream
baking chocolate
2 tbsp. sugar
Kirschwasser (cherry schnapps, optional)
The cake, of course

Divide the cake in layers. (I showed how to that in an earlier input. See here if you need to know.
Whip the cream with 2 tblsp. sugar until stiffened.
Cover the bottom layer with cherry pie filling mixed with 1 tsp cherry schnapps. Keep some cherries for the decoration. (If you got a second layer out of your cake, put that on top of the filling and cover with a layer of cream and chocolate shavings.)

Put the final layer on top. Cover the cake with cream. Cut a small hole into a plastic bag, insert a nozzle, and fill the bag with the remaining cream.
Decorate the surface with cream, cherries and shaved chocolate after your own fashion. Chill for at least an hour.

Now you just have to invite some friends and enjoy!

Ingredienser: se nedenfor (read more)

1 hermetic boks med kirsebærpie fylling
1-4 l kremfløte
2 ss sukker
Kirschwasser (kirsebær schnapps, kan sløyfes)
1 bløtkakebunn
Sjær kaken i 2 til 3 deler. Pisk kremfløte.
Rør 1 ss med kirsebærsnaps i fruktblandingen.
Fordel kirsebærmassen på nederste bunn.
Hvis det er 3 lag : Legg på neste kakelag.
Fordel noe pisket kremfløte på mitterste lag.
Legg så toppen på kaken og fordel kremfløten jevnt over det hele.
Pynt med noen kirsebær og revet sjokolade.

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