Monday, 30 April 2012

Everything in the normal Range

Today felt like an anticlimax. Some phone calls. Some e-mails. Everything is normal. Nothing much happened, but isn't that good? I think so.
Traditionally, Monday is the laundry day in many households. Since I don't have a dryer I also have to watch the weather. But with 52% humidity in the air, and a fresh wind out of the NW there was ideal outside drying condition.
Otherwise didn't happen much today. I walked around and contemplated what plants I have to rearrange. The shrubs I moved a week ago seem to do fine. All leaves are toned and new ones are budding.
The air was icy and being outside was not a pleasant affair, so I retreated indoors.

Peter's dinner: Pork Chop, Carrots and Peas, Potatoes

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  1. Okay, I liked Pete's dinner. We did laundry today but our laundry is done whenever the laundry basket gets full and not on any specific day.

    Yes, it's good for everything to be normal. That's a good thing. Enjoy it. Not all days are quite the same.


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