Saturday 19 May 2012

Hummingbird and garden stuff

Waiting for the bird to come...

While having my first cup of coffee by the kitchen window I saw a ruby throated hummingbird at the feeder.
Bea on bird watct

When he came back I was ready with my Nikon and a 200 mm lens.
I used the tripod and was patiently sitting on a step ladder until he returned next time. This is the result.

The rest is just "gardening stuff".
Today was the day when the grocery store had vegetable plants for sale. I had to go over there anyway because I needed black soil for the top layer of my second veggie bed. No doubt, I also bought cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, marigold and some other decorative plants.
The later afternoon was used to get the "baby's" into the ground and protect them for the next few days against hungry birds. Maybe I overdid it, but better save than sorry. Tonight there are some bean and pea seeds soaking. They will be planted tomorrow. I like how it starts to look like a garden.

Peter did the cooking. Potatoes with gravy, frozen mixed vegetables and some beef roast for him. That's it for the day.


  1. Peter cooks like my mom's traditional Sunday dinner except she always threw some carrots in with the roast. The hummingbird shots are terrific! Well worth the trouble.

  2. Taking good pictures of hummingbirds is quite a task. I've tried many times and they don't often turn out for good. I loved your photos.


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