Thursday 25 July 2013

Spaghetti squash and a curious sparrow

Our guests invited to a savoury chilli today and, I pitched in with a baked spaghetti squash.
It was just the right size for 4 people and it's easy to do. The only difficult task is to cut it in halves.
I got into the shed and found a machete-kind-of-knife and a tent-pole hammer. With a few whacks I got the squash divided.
Next thing was to scrape out the seeds and strings.
Seasoned with pepper, salt, garlic and a piece of butter the squash halves were ready for cooking.
With a fork the soft flesh was scraped out into a pan and reheated with butter just before serving.
For additional seasoning I used fresh herbs out of the garden.

While picking the herbs I was watched by a curious sparrow. It always seems to be there when I am weeding. I have heard it singing many times, but never saw where it sat.
This time did and I took the camera, bend down over the lettuce, pretending to pick weeds, then came up slowly and directed the camera at the bird.

It even winked at me!

I spaghetti squash
basil, thyme and parsley
Split the squash in tow halves. With a spoon scrape out the seeds. Season and butter the inside. Cook at 350° F for about an hour until the flesh is soft. Scrape the flesh out, and mix with butter and fresh herbs. You can easily use the squash halves to serve it in. I didn't this time.

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  1. Love spaghetti squash. I usually cook in microwave for 10 minutes and serve it with a pasta sauce.
    So much you can do with it.


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