Friday 4 April 2014

Home, sweet home.

Or should I rather say: "cold home"?
Friday April, 4   predicted temperature for the afternoon: max +5° C (41F )
For Saturday and Sunday: more snow, sleet and rain.

Not that I am complaining. I AM thankful that we made it safe and sound all the way home.

But this "weird" winter doesn't seem to end. I talked to a neighbour who claimed that she (in her seventies) never in her entire lifetime has experienced such a winter on the island. During a power outage people even had to gather in the church hall. She cannot remember that this had happened here before, ever.
Let's hope that this is one freak winter and not become a rule.

My garden is still deep asleep under it's white blanket. 
Last year I was already preparing the frames for the planting season.

The fridge is full, the furnace works, 
the phone works, the internet is running. 
That's good.
The house is warm and dry. That's a good thing too. Or?
Dry - that is the key word here. 
We drained all the pipes before we left, but 
there must be something frozen somewhere. No water is flowing.
J.P. uncovered the well head outside and checked with a long stick if there was ice in the well - no, it wasn't. The well is not frozen.

My guess - it is the connection in the ground, between the well and the house. We don't know how deep that is dug down but, we are sure that they didn't insulate it. So, if the freeze came deep enough this year the line between the house and the well is the culprit.
How long do we have to wait until that thaws? Until May??
I hope we will NOT see that Bob's comment is coming true: he experienced pipes broken and gushing water when the big thaw sat in.

Luckily we have another well inside the basement. 
For now we are doing things the "old way" with a water bucket.

Sometimes I think it is good that I grew up with "living rather primitive". I can live with an outhouse and cold water only. 
We did when in my childhood. 
There was cold water only, and it had to be heated on the stove. 
Have you realized how much water we use every day?

The years of our "boondocking" experiences help. 
And these kind of experiences makes full-timing even more attractive. If you don't like it, just take off with your rig and go somewhere else!
If your rig runs, that is!
Remember over the years: flat tires, bust transmission etc...

For now let's just wait and see. We'll take the bridges when we get to them, or so they say...:))

I will end on a positive note.
Despite the cold weather - isn't it beautiful?


  1. ehmm i cant imagine.. how if i live there.. im sure i will be frozen... but i really want to see snow n make snow ball and snow man too.. all look white and so holy, that awesome ..but i was born in indonesia, my country very hot but have many jungles and forrest... i love swim in river and treking around forest..

  2. Yes, it's gorgeous! I hope you have water soon - I'll bet you can't wait to get into a hot shower or bath! :)

  3. Beautiful scenery and it to reminds me of the good old days, with the outhouse and only cold water from the well.
    Soon it will thaw out for you.


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