Friday 4 July 2014

July 4th -Eastport, ME, part one

Since I took so many photos I have to divide the posting into two parts.
Part One
July 4th - Visit Eastport, Maine
When we sat out for our "fun day" there was still a layer of fog over the water. But the air was calm and the sun was out. 
The ferry glides through a thin layer of mist 
Our plan was to go over to Eastport, Maine and visit the USS Anzio which was open for the public.
USS Anzio
The check- in was like at an airport, screening of purses and walking though a gate. 
Outside a small vessel circled around to make sure no one came too close. 
Several small groups toured the vessel at the same time. 

 We went from the end to the front, and from the bottom to the top.
 Don't expect any naval language from me, I have no clue. But it was an amazing and a worthwhile
Amazing how big that anchor chain is!
View from the commando deck window.
 Afterwards we went up and down Waterstreet. 

At one end they had just started a pie-eating contest. 
Guys only....
The photos speak for themselves!!!!
The one with the bandana was the quickest eater!

A Ford Model T from 1926

And further down the road were an exhibition of vintage cars.
These are the ones I liked the best.
Volkswagen pop up camper van
By now it was noon and high time that we got out of the glaring sun and heat for a while. So, we decided to find a good spot for something to eat.
Stay tuned.

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  1. That looks like it would have been a nice tour of the ship to do.
    We hope that you won't be affected by hurricane Arthur too badly.Been watching the Weather Channel most of the day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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