Monday 6 January 2014

This and ZZZZZ

Blue sky and sunny when I looked out of the window this morning.
I took a long walk with Molly in what I would call: 
Canadian spring temperatures.
Later I picked some of the beautiful Camellia flowers. I fear they will not survive this nights temperatures.
Better to enjoy them inside for a while.
Later, when we prepared dinner, Molly got into "chicken mode".
I found another chicken discussion on Sue's blog. Spike and Bridget, Sue's dogs, were discussing their New Year's resolutions. 
Quite funny!
 Maybe I get something if I wait here???
The food taster's verdict said: No problems here.

Unfortunately Molly is not allowed chicken or turkey.t
Her digestive system does not agree with it.

She settled for a deal with rice, cooked carrots and 
a good nap on the couch. 

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