Monday, 17 March 2014

Beware the Heat! In a double sense.

Beware the heat - that is a story with two different inputs.
The first:
Using matches to start my propane stove I often have placed 
the extinguished, used match stick ON top of the box.
Look what it did today. 
The heat SMOULDERED A HOLE in the box!
That easily could have led to a disaster had the heat ignited
all matches underneath!
Lesson learned!

From now on I will dip the used match stick into water, 
just to be on the sure side.

The other input:
This afternoon I gave Molly a bath 
to keep her cool during the heat of the day. 
92 °F (33 °C) is a bit too hot for our furry girl. 
But she didn't stay wet long. 

After an hour she was dry again and, 
I had to try a wet necktie around her neck, 
like I once saw Barbara do to her dog Katie.

Worked fine on myself as well! :))
Tomorrow we'll be back in the 80ies - AHHH!

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