Wednesday 23 April 2014

The early bird catches the worm, literally.

There is not much happening here at the moment. 
Too cold to do gardening, too rainy and windy to go outside. 
Gazing out the window I observed several
American Robins searching around for their breakfast (earthworms).
They seemed all very concentrated on the job.

I grabbed the camera and this is the result.
Do you think there is something over there?
Maybe here?
Yupp, looks like it!
Don't let go now!

I think I prefer my oatmeal!
Apropos to:
George: Thanks, for the hint. I found it in "settings" and will see how it works. - I haven't seen any woodpecker yet in my yard.
Wanderin' and Connie/Barry
Gardening is one of my favourite for the summer season, especial after a long stay in the dry desert.:))


  1. Oh - My - God! I can't believe you got those photos! A robin actually pulling out a worm. They are just great - you must have been really excited at how well they came out. This post really brought a smile to my face. :)

  2. Did you know that the Robin is the only bird that can pull a worm from the earth in one piece? Just a tid bit of information that I taught my first graders every spring.


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