Thursday 3 July 2014

Visited by different kind of Blue Bird

The last couple of days I had visitors again. This time it was the youngest "boondocking" couple I have ever encountered!

Steven and Lindsey, (check out their beautiful web page), are from Oregon, came up the East Coast on an extended vacation before turning back home.
 When they pulled in with their Blue Bird, I thought for a moment, UHOH - how will that work out. But Steven is a very good driver and it was not a problem at all, neither when they backed out this morning.
Steven and Lindsey are good "boondocking material"!
We had some nice chats about this and that. I got the impression that these two have gotten the taste for this uncomplicated way of travelling, and there is a good chance that they, when finally getting into our age, will end up doing what we do every winter. 
The weather was warm and nice and since I had the day off work we toured the island together.
The lighthouse got a new walk way and bench to sit and enjoy the view
Look at this cab claw! That must have been a grandfather crab!
Colourful boats in the harbour.

I am glad I got to know Steve and Lindsey. Thanks for visiting, and who knows, maybe our ways cross again somewhere in the future!

Now I am waiting what "Arthur" will do. There is a chance that we get a visit of the first hurricane of the season. I hope not. It would damage my beautiful peonies!!
My peonies before the storm.


  1. I hope Arthur misses you! Batten down the hatches and put all the lawn furniture away. Good luck!! :)

  2. Wow, that crab claw looks like it came from a cooked lobster! Hoping Arthur swings farther east so you and your peonies are spared. Here in eastern Massachusetts, we could use its rain, but think we're too far inland.

  3. Nice to have visitors stop by, glad you enjoyed their visit.


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