Friday, 31 October 2014

Good or Bad?

The city of Edmonton, Alberta is bursting at it seams. Since we moved to Alberta in 2002 Edmonton's suburbs have grown like cancer in all directions. Where rolling farmland was the normal residential areas now cover the area up to the horizon. Other areas have been developed for industrial purposes.
Many companies are drawn to the area because of Alberta's booming oil business.

Is that good or bad?
It depends from what angle you see the point.

The businesses are hungry for land. In a radius of 20 to 40 km around the city farmland is for sale, big time.
Small farms that used to be far away from the city find themselves now surrounded by industry or residential development.
And only a few years ago this very campground, which is located about 16 miles (10 km) west of Edmonton's famous mall, was a quiet location in a rural setting.
That has changed dramatically. Growing Edmonton has quickly gobbled up lots of neigbouring rural communities. And it is hungry for more, much more.
This camping ground is now placed in the middle of a huge industrial area that is still under development.
Gone is the ambience of vacation/recreation which one would normally expect of a campground. But even though it is winter time the place is about 70% full.
Mostly long term campers who go to work every morning and come back by nightfall. Some might even call the place now a "work camp".
From the campground's view that makes sense since the summer is only about 6 weeks long. Long term guests mean a constant flow of income, also in the "dead season". And with property taxes constantly on the rise you want to make a buck where/when you can.
Just yesterday they told us on TV that taxes rose 4.6% in 2014 and will be rising another 5.3% in 2015!

Walking around I see a lot of dogs. Big dogs.  Rottweilers,  Labrador Retrievers, Staffordshire and the likes.
People I meet on my walks, in front of the laundry and shower rooms are smoking.

My guess: some are here for a reason. The rental market does not want us. "No smokers, no dogs".
If you love your dog and won't want to give it up for adoption there is only one other alternative: the campground.
Well, we belong to the dog lovers and are better looking around and get our rig ready for -30 C (-22 F) and more.
Good for the campground owners and house-less workers, bad for guests who are looking for recreation.

Oh, I nearly forgott: Happy Halloween!
Seen today, in our wintry sunset today.

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  1. Yes good to get your rig ready for a cold blustery winter soon.


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