Monday 17 November 2014

Bubble Wrap Comfort

Remember, we have put up bubble wrap on the windows for insulation purposes.
 And there is an insulating effect, somewhat. The right sight is NOT frozen, the left side of the window is.
It looks like this when the ice on the window pane is gone.
So far for the science side of this input.
It looks kind of neat when the sun sets in the evening. Funky.

Who was that walking by? An early visit of "Santa?"
We got some pre-advent cookies for coffee. Yummy.
The baker and his helper were, not Santa, but:
Peter and Molly

and today..
winter food:
there is a duck in the oven!


  1. Cookies, coffee, roast duck looks pretty yummy. At least you are eating well.
    Keeping warm is a priority too.

  2. Yeah, with that amount of fat it should last for a year!!! ;)


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