Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hot sun and frozen veggies

The "Day" has finally arrived. In a few hours we will be on our way north again. And right so too, it is getting way too hot for my taste.
Three days with well above the 90's F (over 35 C).
I am ready for cooler temperatures and greener pastures!
Right before sunrise, another hot day in the making.
Yesterday was the big day of packing down and stowing away.
Carrots, broccoli and cauliflower
One of the leaving neighbours brought vegetables over, right from the fields, for free. Before hubby could pack down the cook stove I boiled the most of it and packed it into freezer bags. This way I don't have ready vegetables for the next few days.

A few visits and "good-byes" have still to be said. Hopefully we all meet again in a few month, for another nice winter in the south-western desert of California.
Bye-bye to the jackrabbit, too!

Se ya down the road....!


  1. Safe travels. I left yesterday morning and am in Glendale, AZ waiting for Monday to have my solar place fix my regulator. The digital readout stopped working on Thursday. Between that and the heat, it was time for me to move on, too.

    I loved meeting you and Peter, see you next year.

    Love that jackrabbit!

  2. I certainly know what you mean about the 90's being too hot. It certainly is for us. We ran for the cooler greener pastures too and we certainly are glad we did!


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