Saturday 3 January 2015

This is the coldest day so far. Guess!

This is the coldest day we have had so far. 
Clear skies and wind out of the North.
-22C (-7.6) in the afternoon.

For night temperatures: see bottom page!
I had the day off and went for a few brief walks with Molly. 
The snow clouds moved away and 
the sunshine was brilliant. 
Barbara commented about Molly not having trouble with ice in her fur.
That's right. 
Molly has the coat of an arctic animal. Snow repellent. 
Add on wavy hair straws to keep air trapped for insulation, 
and lots of woollen undercoat.
That way she keeps herself dry and warm.
And, as long as the snow is so dry and fluffy it doesn't stick to her at all.
Walking through wet snow is different. 
Then there will be a build up of ice clumps between the paw pads. 
Molly has her own technique: stopping up, 
lifting the afflicted paw, 
chewing out the ice and walking on.
 She doesn't seem to mind the cold. Always sniffing around for something underneath the snow cover.

What are you waiting for?
Aww no ......
....another "selfie"!! 
Let's go on!
The sun is setting. The days are still short.
Ice on the window is building up already.
It is +16C (60.2F) inside. The propane furnace doing it's best.
I am dressed in layers. 
Back to one of the best gifts we ever got! 
(Thank you Marie J.!)

Can you feel the heat radiating.
So cozy.

And it will be getting pretty d... cold during the night. 
-28C (-18.4F). 

With the windchill down to -41C (-41.8).

Tonight I'll use an extra quilt, 
and a down duvet cover (Thanks to Rogette). 

I will not be freezing.

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  1. Man oh man, dats cold. You guys have it figured out, so I know you'll manage, but I can't say I envy you at all. Even though this house is an older model, I'd take it any day over an RV in those temperatures.


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