Thursday, 25 October 2012

Green beans and pot roast

After a day of driving around looking at used travel trailers we were starved when arriving back home. It is to say that we haven't found anything suitable yet.

Luckily I could prepare a dinner i a hurry. I roasted a beef roast the day before. There was only left to boil some potatoes and green beans. While they were getting ready I made the sauces. A thing of about 30 minutes. Nothing without a good sauce, says J.P.
I had to stop him eating the whole roast. We need that for Thursday:))

But there are some from the trip. After a week with strong winds the most of the leafs are down. Winter will be here soon..
View of Lubec, ME
Milltown Border Crossing, St. Croix River
Blueberry field in fall colours

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