Wednesday 30 January 2013

Experiment with plum-yoghurt sauce

As I mentioned before, I never developed the discipline of planning meals ahead and go shopping accordingly. It is rather a spontaneous affair of mix-and-match. The results range widely from plain to exotic dinners for us two.
Sometimes even with combinations I never had thought of before.
It all depends on the mood.
Luckily, hubby rarely complains.

The good thing is: we never ended up with a '10-easy-dinner-repeat-it-program'.
That doesn't mean that I use a recipe only once. No, there are repetitions but, they are so far apart that we rarely have to say: 'Ugh - again!'

Yesterday, after settling in at our spot in the desert, J.P. went for grocery shopping. Now I got the fridge loaded with all kind of stuff and, it is my everyday task to cook something nice for dinner.

So - I opened the fridge and took a good look.
This time hubby bought ground beef and chicken drumsticks. Both cannot stay in the fridge for long, right?
It is a good idea to process both today.
The beef went into a meat-loaf which can be cooled and stored a day or two. I did that many times before.

And there were these chicken drumsticks. What to do with them? Plain, breaded or?
My eyes roamed the trailer and stopped at the fruit basket.

There - fresh plums. Chicken and fresh plums. Shouldn't that be a possibility?
Side dishes: Rice and mixed salad.
chicken drumstick on rice with plum sauce...
...and a mixed salad

chicken drumsticks, grilled
bacon, used on drumsticks
1 cup rice, 3 cups broth
1 fresh plum, pitted, sautéed
5 dried plums, pitted, sautéed
1 cup orange juice
1 tblsp plain yoghurt
salt, pepper, cinnamon
1 tsp cornstarch
basil, parsley
corn kernel, 1 small can, drained
1/4 apple, sliced


  1. You are pretty creative with your dishes. That is for sure!! We aren't ones to plan way out for our meals either.

  2. Looks very tasty, worth a try I think.


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