Friday 18 January 2013

MEGA Roast Frustration

Dear followers and readers, bear with me, I just HAVE to vent this right away!

Here goes:

This is the moment where I could SCREAM in frustration!

I am supposed to cook a roast, the meat is ready seasoned.
Hubby is blissfully walking the dog.

I get down on my knees in front of the oven. Push the knob down on "PILOT" and hold the lighter right in front of the pilot valve in the depth of the oven.
Nothing happens.
Start all over again.
Turn and push the knob on "PILOT". Hold a flame in front of the pilot valve.
Try another time and again, and again.

OK. Try the top burners. YEP the ignite easy.
Try again in the baking oven. NOTHING! %*##!

Well, there is another possibility to get the roast done. The outside BBQ grill.

Open the gas line. Turn the knob to "PILOT" and PUSH. Repeatedly push the "Ignitor" button.
You probably guess by now what happened: right :     NOTHING.
I tried again, I can smell the propane.
But the darn thing doesn't ignite.
I go inside and fetch the lighter and hold the flame right in front of the pilot valve. Turn the knob to "Pilot" and push. Hold it down.
Nothing, nothing, %*## NOTHING!!!


Finally,  J.P. comes back from his walk.
Bends down to the oven, and ignites it. Takes his bike and rides over to the neighbour.


Well, the roast is in the oven now. Some days are just worse than others. Sigh.

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